PDA Xpress vs. Other Virtual Estimating tools

PDA Xpress is the fastest, easiest, most accurate, most comprehensive and most recommended way for customers to get vehicle repair estimates through their mobile device.

Fastest Service

With PDA Xpress, nearly 50% of appraisals are completed in 45 minutes or less. Using Snapsheet, the average is more than two-and-a-half hours.

Easiest to Use

PDA Xpress takes care of the appraisal process from beginning to end. If, for any reason, photos are not sufficient for an accurate estimate, only PDA can see the process through with a field appraisal from one of our 650 appraisers across the U.S. Snapsheet, on the other hand, will send it back to the adjuster to resolve.

Most Accurate

On average, the supplement ratio for PDA Xpress is 9%, which is remarkably low by industry standards. A function of accurate, high-quality estimates and expert appraisers, this low number of supplements will make your business operations and claims processing quicker and more efficient.

Most Comprehensive

PDA Xpress it the only virtual estimating tool that works for passenger vehicles, light trucks AND heavy equipment such as tractor trailers and buses.

Most Recommended

94% of PDA Xpress customers would likely recommend PDA Xpress!

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